There are many ‘life events’ that can lead to a requirement for self-storage, whether it be short or long term.   Here is a list of the 5 most common reasons;


You’ve made the massive decision to list your house on the market and the Real Estate agent has told you that you need to ‘de-clutter’, a small self-storage space can store all those items until you are ready to move again into your new home.  Our 1.5 x 3.0m with 12.6 cubic metres is perfect for this purpose.


Congratulations, you’ve sold!  However your settlement dates do not allow for a move directly into your new home.  If you have taken a ‘de-clutter’ space with us, it is a simple process to transfer to a larger self-storage unit and have all of the furniture not needed together ready for the ‘big move’.

Perhaps you are undertaking a new build and are renting a smaller home in the meantime or perhaps you are downsizing and want to take your time to make decisions on which items you wish to keep and which you may move on.  Self-storage gives you a sense of security in the knowledge that your goods are being well taken care of.  Or perhaps you are ……


You’ve set yourself up and now you’re off travelling for several weeks or months, Self-storage is a great option for storing furniture, clothing, linens, utensils and all the other equipment you’ve worked hard for.  You can travel easily knowing everything back home is safe and ready for your return.


The loss of a loved one is a very emotional time for everyone and the last thing you will feel like doing is to be making decisions about your loved ones possessions.  Hiring a self-storage space gives you time and takes away some of the worry.


Sadly sometimes forever is not forever and relationships end, this may mean that either one or both partners need to leave the common residence and temporary self-storage is required.

On the flip side perhaps you and your partner have made the decision to co-habitate and you both have ‘everything’ a self-storage space allows you to keep those extra items safe until you have need of them or make a call on getting rid of them.


Of course there can be many more reasons for why self-storage can be a perfect solution to a problem you may be facing; I have just mentioned some of the personal reasons for why self-storage can be a cheap, reliable and safe option.

Self-storage can be a perfect solution for commercial clients as well.  More on that next time.   And of course WE SELL BOXES


3.0 x 6.0m units with roller doors.


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