MPI Transitional Facility

MPI and Storage4you – Customs Clearance Information

The new Biosecurity Standard requires that all import and household containers must be delivered to an approved site known as a Transitional Facility.

Storage4you at 100 Wairau Rd, Glenfield, is an Approved Transitional Facility with 3 Staff trained as Accredited Persons to supervise and check the unpacking of your Container at our Site.

Accreditation Numbers


Documents Required

Our Accreditation Numbers are as Follows:

Transitional Facility Number8861
Accredited Person and OperatorMary Mingins29453
Accredited PersonLarry Mingins36080
Accredited PersonSuzanne Lasenby44423

Fees20 Foot40 Foot
Container dropped to our Transitional Site
With Allowance for 2 Days Parking Overnight
De-Vanning by another Accredited Person or MPI
$225.00 incl GST$300.00 incl GST
Container Drop Off and Check
by Storage4you Accredited Person
$350.00 incl GST$450.00 incl GST
Additional Days charged at $25.00 daily

Storage4you will require you (the Importer) to provide them with the following documents prior to a container being opened or unpacked.

1. The BACC Form or Customs Delivery Order

2. Quarantine Declaration

3. Fumigation Certificate if applicable

3. Transportation Docket from Carrier on delivery

4. Final Clearance Form. (Provided by AP once container has been cleared) (Application for MPI Release)

If a Container is being de-vanned by an AP of their own choosing, the Importer will need to have the Accredited Person nominated, call to our office with their Certificate and identification to support this document, each and every time a container is de-vanned. Photocopying of these documents is required by Storage4you, prior to the Container being opened. The A/P must remain on site for the time it takes to unload the container in full. Payment is also required prior to the container being opened.

This procedure is necessary each and every time a container is brought on site, to enable us to check validity. Contact us for more information >

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